BCAA’S zero 8:1:1 300gr

BCAA’S zero 8:1:1 300gr


BCAAs or branched amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine are undoubtedly one of the most used supplements in fitness and practically, in all sports disciplines that involve high muscle wear.

– Contributing to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

– Exquisite and refreshing flavors.

– Z3ERO sugars.

– Vitamin B6.



BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are undoubtedly one of the most used supplements in fitness and practically in all sports disciplines that involve high muscle wear.

In iO.GENIX we have developed BCAA’S VEGAN with 8:1:1 ratio ( L-Leucine:L-Valine:L-Isoleucine) prioritizing the amino acid L-leucine which has the greatest evidence.

These three branched chain amino acids are naturally present in the proteins that we ingest in the diet, but a very high intake of protein-rich foods would be needed to reach the right needs that provide all their benefits when performing physical activity.

Main benefits

BCAAs contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass and has very interesting scientific studies about their importance when performing physical activity.

This product is ideal to face any type of training. In addition, we have added Vitamin B6, one of the B vitamins that have a great list of benefits, providing more energy in the day to day, favoring the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen, contributing to the normal formation of red blood cells among many other functions.

BCAA’S ZERO 8: 1: 1 is an ideal supplement for:


– Athletes with the maximum demand, both bodybuilders who perform strength training and resistance athletes, even athletes who do both workouts.


– Anyone vegan or not who wants to use this BCAAs supplement made with all the guarantees of quality, presenting a great solubility and digestibility.


In addition, they can be ingested by mixing them with water, before or during training or they can also be ingested by adding them together with the Pre-Workout shake, presenting a good solubility and digestibility in all cases.

Presentation: 300 tablets.
Net weight: 300g
Recommended daily dose: 15 g.
How to use: Take 7.5 g (2 scoops) before training. Another dose can be taken after training to restore the protein level

Additional information


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