The Start

Dimitris Tripolitsiotis is a fan of the physical condition of wellness and life, he was born and raised in Athens and he started as a track and field athlete in the long jump and later he engaged in the sport of bodybuilding.

Discovering his passion through bodybuilding, he started to actively participate in the field by participating in several bodybuilding competitions but at the same time he developed his knowledge by attending training and nutrition seminars.

The strugles

Working in a diet supplement store as a seller and consultant in the proper use of supplements, he competed in various bodybuilding competitions where he was appointed 2 times champion of Greece in the junior category with second places next to renowned athletes in the field.

Through problems, personal mistakes and, paradoxically, obesity, Dimitris finally fought again and in 2018 won the first place in the national championship in Thessaloniki and became a national champion.

The success

His Panhellenic win was followed by more successes at the world: 2nd place in the open category at the amateur Olympia in Coventry England, 2nd place in the open category at the fitparade classic in Budapest Hungary, 4th place in the open category at the GoldenTimes Bodybuilding Grand Prix in China and 3rd place in the open category at amateur Olympia in Portugal.

The legend

In 2019, Dimitris as the proud owner of his own business, took 1st place in the open category and the general title at the Kai Greene classic in Padua, Italy as a result of winning the IFBB business card and entering the pantheon of the few Greeks who have achieved it.

Feeling the warmth of success and acceptance, he now lives the dream of a bodybuilder in the difficulties and the harsh reality of the pandemic of our times.

“I want to thank Dionysis Samios as an employer, supporter and life symbol who helped me in my personal and professional life. Lefteris Finitakis who saw me as a very promising athlete and I as a mentor and guide on the road to success and at the same time a friend of life. As I want to thank my family and my good friends who always stood by me in difficult but also in successes and were proud and happy with my achievements. I am happy to help everyone individually to improve their health, well-being and ultimately their lives.”

– Dimitris Tripolitsiotis