Alphasorb-C 500mg 90 capsules

Alphasorb-C 500mg 90 capsules


Product description

  • Threonic acid & alpha lipoic acid enhanced
  • Buffered bioavailable vitamin c

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Vitamin C is widely known as an antioxidant agent that can maintain cellular health by inactivating free radicals. The AlphaSorb-c ® formulation of now ® contains the standard Transport component C-PLUS ® , which constitutes a combination of enhanced threonic acid and regulated (non-acidic) calcium ascorbate with α-lipoic acid. Threonic acid is a metabolite of vitamin C that has been shown to enhance cellular uptake of vitamin C. Α-lipoic acid acts as a means of eradicating free radicals, which may contribute to the regeneration of vitamin C and enhance its usability. With this unique formula, NOW ® has created a well-absorbed and high biological availability vitamin C supplement.

Transport C-PLUS ® is a registered trademark of Helios Corp.

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