Oat meal 1kg

Oat meal 1kg


Oatmeal ready to mix with water, milk, vegetable drink or add in a multitude of recipes. In addition, apart from the neutral flour there is a wide variety of flavors made in detail for all tastes.

– 100% oat product.
– Perfect taste and texture.



Oats are one of the cereals of Asian origin best known for the multitude of properties it possesses, in addition to being very satiating, nutritious and presenting a good source of energy.

On iO.GENIX we have developed 100% natural oat flours perfect to take advantage of all its properties with good absorption and digestibility. In addition to having both neutral oatmeal and a wide variety of flavors available.

Main benefits

– Good source of energy, perfect to facilitate reaching the calories needed to gain weight in a simple and healthy way.

– Great taste and texture.

– Perfect to take it with any combination, either with water, milk, vegetable drink or include them in any recipe such as pancakes.

– Source of complex carbohydrates with a low amount of naturally present sugars.

– 100% oat product.

– Perfect taste and texture.

– High fiber content

– One of the lowest glycemic indexes compared to other flours

– Oats contain beta-glucans that contribute to reducing the rise in blood glucose after eating.

Oatmeal is a very complete food, ideal for all those people who want to benefit from all its properties in addition to being able to combine it easily either with proteins, peanut butter, hazelnut cream or make pancakes.

Perfect to take at any time of the day.100% whole wheat oatmeal.
Net weight: 1 kg.
Usage tip: Mix with protein in a smoothie at breakfast, mix with egg white to make pancakes or incorporate into any homemade recipe.

.Ingredients: Oatmeal (gluten) 100% whole grain. May contain traces of gluten (wheat), milk, eggs, fish and soy. Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.
Batch/Consume preferably before the end of: see packaging

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